Jose Juan Isaac Taveras Lopez

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I’m a computer engineer who is learning how to live in the analog world and relearning almost every day the power of networks. I have a lot of opinions which are about stuff i have no right to speak of but i am generally a good person who always follows the golden rule. Oh, and i mostly build web “toys” because calling them apps is too grandiose. I finish the mvp but rarely wrap it in a nice paper.

résume last updated sometime in 2016
blog a place to safely expect right and wrong statements and opinions which are mine
listogether a todo list that doesn't ask for your email
chrome extensions all of my chrome extensions
p5js processing is a library that simplifies working with the canvas.
p5js is the javascript version of it.
I should keep playing with this
published npm packages publishing software does something odd for you.
for better or for worse and above all, it encourages you to publish more.
php_toolbox my own evolving toolbox for building sites, updated quasiregularly
will eventually be a fully tested composer package
qadium a thing i made that didn't get me a job but i was entirely too proud of to hide in a folder